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Project background

The new cracker at Shintech's Plaquemine, Louisiana, PVC complex expands Shintech's in-house feedstock output while reducing spot ethylene purchases.

The cracker is the last of eight to bring a cumulative 9.74 million mt/year in new ethylene capacity online since 2017. That total rises to 10.68 million mt/year when including Indorama Ventures' revamped 440,000 mt/year Louisiana cracker and a 500,000 mt/year expansion of Dow Chemical's 1.5 million mt/year cracker in Texas that started up in September 2017.

Scope of supply

PJ Piping was awarded a contract to supply pipe, fittings, flanges and forged fittings. The scope consisted of Nickel 625, Nickel 200, Duplex S31803/2205, Titanium and stainless steel 316 in addition to the supply of materials.

  • Nickel Alloy
  • Global manufacturers
  • ½” – 12” pipe, fittings, flanges


Contracts were awarded for material supply to PJP in 2018 during the Trump administrations implantation of tariffs of steel. PJ Piping moved quickly to execute these orders to avoid new tariffs. Materials were ordered 6 months prior to being required, therefore our warehouses in Houston and in the UK were utilized to store materials for our client. To streamline the supply PJ Piping was awarded a spooling contract which provided one point of contact for our client, allowing PJP to provide project management value-added services.

Relevant products

PJ Piping’s comprehensive range of precision engineered pipe, fittings and flanges.

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