Turning natural gas into liquid for the purpose of transportation.

Our LNG Offering

PJ Piping with a location in Houston Texas is heavily involved in most LNG new builds. Whether it’s CC60 carbon pipe, stainless steel 316 and 304, A333 G6, A350 LF2 or any other grade, we have material to cover your LNG requirements.

26”-60” Diameter available

PJ Piping VMI available

PJ Piping prefabricated piping solution

Paddle Blinds to custom fittings

LNG Products

LNG applications typically use stainless steel materials through both the gas conditioning and liquefaction phases. PJ Piping has a full product range for LNG facilities.

Our products

PJ Piping’s comprehensive range of precision engineered pipe, fittings and flanges.

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Atlantic LNG | Atlantic LNG T1 – T4 Upgrades

Atlantic LNG is one of the world’s largest producers of LNG. Producing LNG from natural gas delivered from fields in and around Trinidad and Tobago to a four-train liquefaction facility.

Three ways for suppliers to positively support the oil and gas industry through transition

By Dan Munro, Owner of PJ Valves We can do this. We can help the oil and gas industry respond to current pressures by emerging as more efficient and less environmentally damaging. There is going to be blood on the carpet during the next few months and years – but there will also be clear winners. Winners who embrace the opportunity of change, and supply chains that support their customers to deliver this change.